Horticultural Therapy

You deserve to be Inspired and Empowered in all your Health Endeavors! ~Jessica Morgan

Horticultural therapy is the purposeful use of plants and gardens to promote well-being. A trained professional in a plant-rich environment can provide an opportunity for healing: mental, emotional, physical and spiritual as well as stress reduction, physical exercise and endless learning!

herbs flowersJessica offers a unique and progressive Horticultural Therapy Program that fosters emotional and physical health through the education, cultivation and processing of wild edibles, culinary and medicinal plants. She believes that plants have the extraordinary ability to bring joy to our souls, wellness to our lives and heal us in all the ways we need. Jessica specializes in counseling for emotional health, stress reduction, anxiety, depression and transitions such as substance abuse. The goals of her program are to restore emotional balance, build confidence in the body's ability to heal, and empower you to commit to your personal health through the art of gardening and herbalism. Participants in a horticultural therapy program tend their gardens as well as their spirits! 

Herbalist and Horticultural Therapist, Jessica Morgan creates plant based activities that empower people and support health through experiencing the pride of successful gardening and traditional herbalism while encouraging physical, emotional and positive communication skills. You can learn to nurture yourself and a beautiful garden overflowing with plant medicines. Seasonal visits to one of the healing gardens or wellness centers are available throughout most of the year. She can also bring this unique medicinal garden program to your facility! 

Sessions and activities include: Food and medicine garden planning, propagation, transplanting, container gardening and growing organic medicinal plants as well as beginner herbalism education and techniques to preserve the healing garden harvest. Clients also participate in activities using plant material in raw cooking, herbal medicine, body care products and artistic crafts. 

Benefits of horticultural therapy in a therapeutic garden and environment: Improve quality of life, improve immune response, mood and emotional health, increase self-esteem, enhance cognitive functioning, increase a sense of personal worth and satisfaction, increase feelings of calm and relaxation, improve personal well-being, reduce stress, decrease anxiety, provide for healthier patterns of social functioning and so much more! 

Some Example Horticultural Therapy Activities Include:

  • Culinary Herb Exploration and Tasting
  • Flower Petal Mandalas
  • Leaf Identification and Leaf Threading
  • Flower and Branch Arranging and Plant Pressing
  • The Art of Blending and Making Herbal Teas and Decoctions
  • Botanical Themed Coloring and Leaf Rubbings
  • Making Herb Infused Oils and Vinegars
  • Making Fresh Pesto and Compound Butters with Wild Herbs
  • Handmade Herbal Beads and Bowls
  • Flower Essences for Health and Emotional Wellness
  • Leaf and Flower Pounding and Plants Used as Dyes
  • Making Herbal Salt and Sugar Scrubs
  • Making Handmade Seed Paper and Holiday Herb Crafts 

For more information about the Horticultural Therapy Program, to sign up for a session, or to inquire about having me at your healing facility please contact Jessica Morgan at 661-808-7835 or email at herbalist@morganbotanicals.com Example horticultural therapy program plan available upon request.

**Please note that Jessica Morgan is not a licenced therapist. Click here to read more about Jessica's background and education in Horticulture and Herbalism.