Food and Medicine Garden Consultations

with Jessica Morgan,
Herbalist and Horticulturist


MulleinBloomThank you for inquiring about garden consultation, coaching and design.

Whether it’s a backyard or 4 acres, every property has space that can be transformed into a medicinal polyculture! If you've been wondering what's growing on your land, in your yard, or want to start growing your own edible landscape, I am available for garden consultations, specializing in edible weed identification, and design and plant selection ideas with maintenance tips for pesticide free Food and Medicine Gardens- including private, front yard, or community based. I enjoy working side-by-side with clients and teaching about food and medicine concepts and permaculture theory, as well as helping perform some of the tasks such as layout and design, soil advise, companion planting techniques, and hands-on planting.

My approach to gardening stems from a combination of respecting the wilderness, the many years of studying horticulture, herbalism, foraging and wild food education, permaculture techniques and growing my own personal apothecary gardens, community and wellness center gardens, and school gardens from California to Colorado. I enjoy teaching about edible and medicinal plants, companion planting, permaculture and helping you utilize your space efficiently. I want to help you start growing plants that support you nutrionally, medicinally, theraputically, spiritually and in all ways that benefit the health and wellness goals you wish to achieve. 


herb garden consultations

Generally consultations happen in the garden and involve strolling around your land or yard and observing what you already have growing, talking about what kind of herb garden you'd like to achieve, and answering any questions about medicinal and culinary herbs that you would like to grow. Phone and Skype consultations are available too. I can make suggestions based on your needs as well as suggest particular herbs for certain areas such as the drier zones, the more exposed parts of the garden which could be planted with echinacea, hyssop, and others. Or maybe you have shady areas or wet areas in which meadowsweet, goldenrod or peppermint would thrive. We will talk about ideas for you to work with and you will receive a personalized garden consultation printout with answers to your questions, plant recommendations and growing tips so that you can have a beautiful, successful garden. 

Many medicinal plants are beautiful and can make a statement in the garden such as the mullein above. Some are aromatic and majestic like clary sage and some even have powerful insect repelling properties like yarrow making your food garden healthier. 

The below charges are for the time that services are performed in the garden and over the telephone or Skype. Consultations are available Monday through Friday between 3-6 pm or weekends. 

  • Consultations are $60 an hour (minimum 1 hour and up to 3 hours) After that we will need to schedual another appointment day. Travel time is included within Loveland CO; further than that is an additional $0.50 a mile roundtrip.
  • Phone Consultations are $40/hour and could include looking over photographs of your space, plant suggestions, Q and A, garden theme ideas, soil prep suggestions, plant benifits etc.  

Some Theme Garden ideas

grannys garden

  • Medicine/ Healing Garden
  • Herbal Tea Garden
  • First Aid Garden
  • Cold and Flu Garden
  • Aromatherapy Garden
  • Beer and Mead Garden
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine Garden
  • Children’s and School Sensory Garden
  • Native and Foraging Garden

For further education on growing Healing Gardens, you can purchase my Grow Your Own! Pre-Planned Healing Garden featuring an 88 page, full color PDF download that comes with an easy garden design including 20 medicinal herbs, in-depth materia medica for each plant, growing guidelines with tidbits and lore, harvesting, drying and processing guidelines, traditional uses and applications, energetics, recipes and so much more!

Interested in deeper knowledge in Herbalism? The Family Herbalist self study course is a 524 page PDF download introduction to the world of herbal medicine for those who wish to help themselves and their families achieve health and wellbeing through natural health. Learn the essentials of traditional herbal medicine through this five unit distance education program that includes practical curricula in an eBook format, and is perfect for the budding or intermediate herbalist.

Why Grow a medicinal herb garden:

  • To engage in personal health and wellness
  • For a beautiful, aromatic and serene healing garden to meditate it
  • For family and self care and to make natural herbal products
  • To teach education in herbalism or offer horticultural therapy
  • Grow medicinal herbs on your current land and sell them at farmers markets and fairs
  • Help take the demand off over harvested and at-risk plants- You can be a steward!
  • To offer access to traditional medicines and make them available to low-income families
  • Benefit from ‘tea’ herbs or a variety of native, culinary, cosmetic or other healing plants
  • Peri-urban organic farms can add profitable herb crops and increase income and vocational aspects

Garden mullein


Schedule: For questions or to schedule a garden consultation please contact Jessica Morgan at or 661-808-7835.

Payment: Payment may be made by check, cash or through Pay Pal + 5%.

Thank you again for your interest! I'm looking forward to visiting you and helping you grow your own beautiful, useable food and medicine garden!