The Family Herbalist Self-Study Course
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Have you been dreaming about becoming a herbalist but don’t have access to a school? Through Morgan Botanicals' The Family Herbalist online eCourse you can become a confidant family herbalist in no time. Gain an understanding of herbalism, the different body systems, herbal constituents and energetics, herbal nutrition, in-depth materia media, medicine making and so much more!


A self-study Foundational
Herbal Medicine Course

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Welcome to the most exciting subject you will ever study!  If you’ve been dreaming about becoming an herbalist but don’t have access to a school then this is the perfect opportunity to take your alternative education to new heights.

The Family Herbalist self study course is a 524 page, full color PDF download introduction to traditional herbalism.  Learn the essentials of herbal medicine through this self-study education program that includes practical skills in an eBook format. It is perfect for the budding or intermediate herbalist, as well as the gardener or those interested in nutrition and holistic health. This course has been designed for the beginner herbalist but is also complimentary to natural health practitioners such as massage therapists, estheticians, nurses or essential oil distributers who want to learn about the plants themselves.

Explore the philosophies of herbalism, the practices of herbal nutrition, the foundations of holistic health, horticulture, materia medica knowledge, and how to make herbal preparations!

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Become confident in making herbal medicines, including herbal teas and tinctures, infused medicinal oils, healing salves and creams, herbal baths and steams, compresses, medicinal broths, herbal honeys and more. You will also learn about different healing modalities, the different body systems, herbal constituents and energetics. You'll take an in-depth look into 50 different herbs plus introduction to dozens more that nourish and support us through health.  Plus we'll cover how to grow, harvest and process them.

This colorful self-study course has fun to-do projects, “terms to know” for building your vocabulary, journaling prompts, recipes, suggestions, dozens of jokes and quotes, product making resources and recommended further reading. You are free to complete your studies as your time and life allow; there is no time limit!


What You'll Do and Learn:

  • Learn nutritional principles to nourish your body’s own healing through vitamins, minerals, supplements and dietary changes
  • Learn about anatomy and physiology through in-depth discussion on body systems, how they work together and how to support them with herbs and nutrition
  • Learn about botany, horticulture, plant identification and herb farming and edible uses of medicinal plants
  • Receive comprehensive herbal monographs for in-depth study of botanical classification, parts used, prominent medicinal uses of more than 50 herbs and begin building your knowledge of local and bioregional medicinal plants
  • Explore how to make herbal medicine and herbal preparations   
  • Understand phytochemistry, physiological effects, interactions and contraindications
  • Laugh! Enjoy tons of jokes, puns and the best quotes around
  • Receive and enjoy all my recipes and remedies, ready to print!
Amazing class and amazing teacher!! I learned so much from her!! ~J. Johnson

All material provided in this self study course is provided for informational or educational purposes only, and is not intended as a substitute for the advice provided by your physician. None of the statements are approved by the FDA. Educate yourself by studying ethno-botany, seek out herbal mentors, plant a medicinal garden, and learn about wild plants!