Herbal Energetics: The Language of the Plants eClass
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Herbal Energetics: The Language of the Plants eBook

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Join me and learn about herbal energetics, tasting herbs, extrasensory perceptions, herbal temperatures, flavors, how to match the right herb to the right person, and how to employ it. Follow me into the herb shop classroom to see how fun and easy it is utilize herbal energetics in your formulations and create healing herbal medicines that work every time!

Herbal Energetics: The Language of the Plants

eBook by, Jessica Morgan, Herbalist & Horticulturist

Morgan Botanicals School of Creative Herbalism

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Sign up and learn about the Energetics of Plant medicine. We'll talk about how to taste an herb, why it's important to know the flavors and actions of plants and how they work on human physiology.  

Herbal energetics is about understanding the language of the plants and the body, their energies and actions and how they mingle with our energies and actions. It may sound complex, but it’s really not. I learned about herbal energetics from my education with Michael and Lesley Tierra, Brigitte Mars, Paul Bergner, Farida Sharan and Kiva Rose along with my personal research from Matthew Wood, Steven Horne, Dr. David Frawley and David Winston. Much of what I learned was written in ways that were complex and felt overwhelming so I have attempted to take what I’ve learned and put it down in a way that feels more approachable. As a modern western herbalist, I feel these ancient methods are very relevant to today’s practices and hope to make it easy for you to understand and employ. 

Join me and learn about the energetics of plant medicine, tasting herbs, extrasensory perceptions, herbal temperatures, flavors, how to match the right herb to the right person, and how to employ it all. We'll taste, smell, feel and explore sensory qualities!

We'll talk about: 
What energetics is and what it means,  How we can use this philosophy and science in our formulation, and why we should consider energetics as an herbalist.

You'll learn about: 
The different herb temperatures, The different herb flavors, Dominant/primary taste and plant energy, How to smell and taste an herb and recognize it’s action through intuitive response, Understanding flavor and how it affects our physiology, A brief overview of Culpepper's Temperaments of the Herbs, Compare the Energetics of Food.

Build an understanding of: 
Signs of heat, coldness, dampness, and dryness in the body and the proper herbal energetics needed to bring balance and health back.

My in-depth herb journaling form, mini materia medicas on ten easily accessible, medicinal herbs that are wonderful for tasting and exploring herbal energetics, my recommended reading list of some of my favorite herbals that have information on herbal energetics, and so much more... Plus we'll make a Cooling tea blend in class for you to take home! 

  • We’ll discuss the different  Herb Flavors: Acrid/Pungent/Spicy, Sweet, Bitter, Sour, Salty and Aromatic and how different tastes have different effects on the body.
  • We'll discuss the different Herb Temperatures: Hot, Warm, Cold, Cool, Wet/Moist, Dry, and Neutral and their effects on the body.
  • You’ll receive Herb Journaling Forms and 3 Sample Herbs as well as Handout with recommended reading lists.