2017 Herbal Homestead Programs

Herbal Homestead Program

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Join herbalist and horticultural therapist, Jessica Morgan and herbalist and organic homesteader Nikki Lund at The Wild Rowan Nursery and Farm!

Participate in medicinal herb and vegetable gardens, grow food in the walipini, go on plant identification walks, learn about chickens, cows, and bees, study in the classroom, prepare wild foods and learn to make herbal medicines. Come work side-by-side with us to deepen your homesteading skills, learn about growing medicinal plants, crafting herbal medicines, and building your self sufficient homestead. 

Learn about building soil, seed growing, propagating, transplanting, wild food identification, herbalism, growing herbs for chickens and bees, and food and medicine farming, harvesting, foraging, drying and processing, preserving, seed collecting, animal husbandry and care, farm recycling, and pest management. Take home something you make in every class! You'll gain 240+ hours of education from the self-study, in-depth herbalism course and hands-on instruction. No previous training required– this is an in-depth, entry level program. 

Each student will receive the 524 page Family Herbalist Course on CD which includes hours of research, lessons, projects and recipes Lifetime access to the Family Herbalist Course!!












Session 1– The Herbal Homestead 

Tuition: $900 -  Payments welcome.  Email Jessica Morgan for details on signing up. 


Your deposit holds your space. Enrollment is commitment. Workshop fees must be paid for in full before classes begin. Payment may be made by checks, cash or through PayPal. 

Meeting Times: 9:00 A.M. - 1:00 P.M.  Farm address provided at registration. 

Tentative Timeline:  June 9, 16, 23, 30, July 7, 14.  Full timeline coming soon!



What you'll do and learn:

  • Receive the 524 page Family Herbalist Course with class registration  
  • Grow a plug tray with medicinal herbs and heirloom veggies to plant in your garden
  • Learn how to construct a walipini for growing food year-a-round
  • Learn about medicinal gardening and farming
  • Learn plant identification, ethical wildcrafting and wild food preparation 
  • Learn to build healthy soil and organic composting techniques
  • Learn preservation and medicine/product making
  • Learn about the body systems, herbal actions, constituents, herbal energetics and protocols
  • Learn organic animal husbandry and pest control
  • Learn to use recycled materials on the farm and no-waste solutions
  • And so much more!


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~ "I have discovered that entering the world of herbalism is all about making connections, on so many levels.  Jessica created an awareness in me that I didn't even know I was missing! She is passionate about growing herbs and really knowing them, rather than just looking for someone else's recipe and purchasing dry plant matter from a plant you have never seen or experienced. I enjoyed being in the herb garden and having that as a resource - it encouraged me to do more in my own herb garden. I loved going on herb walks to get to know the valuable herbs that I have walked right by so many times not far from where I live. As with any experience, you get out of it as much as you are willing to put into it. For someone passionate about herbs and natural remedies and wellness, Jessica's apprenticeship offers a wonderful opportunity to be hands-on, while meeting others that share that interest." ~Sarah Cody, MS Ed

"I knew after taking my first class with Jessica that I wanted to learn more about herbalism and that I wanted to learn from her! This apprenticeship succeeded doing both.  From someone who was already growing herbs and making herbal remedies, what I got was a deeper, well-rounded understanding and love for herbs and herbalism!  Even more important are the valuable skills you will learn, not just growing, taking care of, knowing plants and their names/uses but that there are amazing plants that are right in front of our faces that can be used as food or medicine.  These are not only herbalist skills, but also survival. Less than a hundred years ago every home had an herbalist, this apprenticeship will ensure that heritage and tradition continues in your home!" ~Samadhi Summers B.A. Spanish CYT

Thank you again for your interest! 

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~"Omg!! This is an amazing class! I took this class last year and loved it! Jess is a great teacher. She makes the classes fun and easy to follow along. Every class takes you on a new journey as you learn what each herbs does for your body & health. Plus they are filled with fun, hands-on creations that you get to take home to your own family!! You gain the knowledge of growing and harvesting your own herb garden and how to create your own tea mixtures for different health issues, illnesses or problems your loved ones are experiencing….The learning goes far beyond the class and opens up a foundation for your own self-study in holistic health as you continue your herb studies far after the class is over. Take this class ----> the investment goes beyond the price you pay!! I promise, you will not regret it!!!!" ~Jessa Johnson, Reiki practitioner and massage therapist