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At Morgan Botanicals, we are dedicated to bringing you exceptional quality products and service. We offer a 60-day money back guarantee of quality. If any Morgan Botanicals product does not live up to high-quality standards, you may return it for a full refund.

Customer Comments

  • Sweet Cheeks Salve

    We had been searching for a natural product to use for my daughter’s diaper rash. We use cloth diapers and when Morgan started getting in her molars we had some out of control rashes. I searched the internet and found Morgan Botanicals’ Sweet Cheeks Salve. It is the BEST product EVER! Thank you so much for creating a product without chemicals and gentle for the cloth diapers as well. We have recommended it to all of our friends in diapers. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

    Susan and Morgan Jane Sellers

    I love the Sweet Cheeks Salve cream! It clears up diaper rash quickly, does not sting the skin and is cloth diaper safe!! An absolute win!! This is the perfect go to salve for everything, every new mom would benefit from a jar of Sweet Cheeks.

    Mary Koharchick
  • HerFusion!© Tumeric Tea

    Sweet, helpful and full of wonderful information. Very knowledgable, you can really feel the love and spirit of herbalism when corresponding with Jessica! Morgan Botanical products are fantastic! I particularly love the HerFusion!© Tumeric Tea. It is beautifully blended and tastes so fantastic, I just know it is doing wonderful things for my body!.

    Brittan Davis
  • Jessica is so inspiring and so helpful. Her love and beauty shines, her wealth of knowledge is so amazing to someone like me who is a Rookie at Herbalism. Her products are divine and the time and devotion she puts into everything shows she does it with pure love and with such a desire to help others. She truly loves what she does and you can clearly see what she does is not about her. Her respect for all that surrounds her shows with all she does.

    Nikki Halone