About Jessica Morgan

jessMorgan Botanicals is a small handmade company owned and operated by Jessica Morgan; Community Herbalist and Horticulture Therapist.

I grew up a naturalist, clinging to the arm of my momma and her picnic baskets and canteens of soup and spent many weekends under the pines and vacations in the forests and the deserts, in tents, in canoes, wading rivers, tip tops of mountains, in caves, fishing, gardening, all of it. She paved my love for life and the outdoors probably without even knowing it. I've always had a close relationship with the plants, like building little fairy houses or big ol bonfires, and whistling with grass blades or pelting someone with acorns and rolling down grassy hills or napping under old oaks.... the peace, the fresh air, the quiet, the play, the smells and the simplicity of it all is so healing and over the years I've realized that I'm a part of what's out there. I'm connected. Whether it be wild or cultivated, to this day, this is where I go to play or to heal mentally during trying times. I'm continuing to learn that wellness as a whole is a blend of emotional health, dietary approaches, balance, spirituality and knowing that the body has the ability to heal itself, if we allow it too. I'm a lover of life and I'm all about happiness, and I'm happiest when I'm mingling with the plants.


I've spent the last fifteen years really playing with the plants and pursuing my somewhat formal education. I'm currently an herbalist, horticulturist and crop science graduate and working to complete my Horticulture Therapy major with an emphasis in medicinal plants with the intention to facilitate therapeutic community gardens and teach the fundamentals of edible and medicinal gardening for health and well being. I'm also a certified CA master gardener and junior master gardener teacher, Director of the Morgan Botanicals School of Creative Herbalism and an obsessed plant photographer, avid forager and wild foodie. 

Before creating Morgan Botanicals I was a botanical research biologist for the University of California Stanislaus- working to protect endangered CA native plant species, specifically: Beavertail cactus - (Opuntia basilaris) and Kern mallow - (Eremalche kernensis).

I have been a practicing herbalist for over twenty years (self taught and mentored) and have completed a three year course of herbal study under Michael and Lesley Tierra at the East West School of Herbology. My continuing education includes all aspects of the science and art of Herbalism including Traditional Chinese Medicine, Native American Medicine, Ayurveda, and Vitalism as well as Nutrition and Aromatherapy.

Three years ago I relocated from California to Colorado and have finished a course at the North American Institute of Medical Herbalism with Paul Bergner and studied Healing Diets and Herbal Medicine with Farida Sharan, Heidi Jarvis and Brigitte Mars at the School of Natural Medicine in Boulder.  I've just recently been given a stipend and title of Lead School Garden Coordinator for the Truscott Elementary School garden where I've been working with the staff and kids to cultivate skills and strengths through growing their o


wn successful organic food and herbal medicine garden that benefits the lunchroom, the environment, and the community food bank. My goal is to put in food and medicine gardens in as many schools, churches,  community gardens and wellness facilities that I can,  and teach the fundamentals of herbal medicine and horticultural therapy.

I offer a year around Herbal CSA, medicine making workshops, online eBooks and eCourses, an herbal apprenticeship program, children's classes, plant walks and talks, wellness consultations, theraputic garden design and garden and crop advice. I am available for garden coaching, specializing in both design and plant selection ideas and maintenance tips for pesticide free Food and Medicine Gardens- including private, front yard, or community based. I enjoy working side by side with clients and teaching about food and medicine concepts and permaculture theory, as well as helping perform some of the tasks such as layout and design, soil advise, companion planting techniques, and hands-on planting.

Look for my regular published herbal writings in The Essential Herbal Magazine, Edible Front Range Magazine, Natural Herbal Living Magazine, on Herb Geek Round Up, the Morgan Botanicals monthly newsletter, on the School-Free Resourses tab and in my monthly Herbal CSA Newsletter. I'm always looking to share a little herb know how!

Hugs to all,

~Jessica Morgan, Creative Herbalist