About Jessica Morgan

jessMorgan Botanicals specializes in herbal education for wellness, and food and medicine garden design. It’s proudly owned and operated by me, Jessica Morgan, Community Herbalist and Horticulture Therapist.

Spending weekends under the pines and family vacations wading through rivers and tide pools allowed me to grow up a little ‘naturalist.’ As a child the peace and green was so enjoyable, I soon realized I had a close relationship with plants: whistling through grass blades, pelting my brother with acorns, rolling down grassy hills and napping lazily under rugged old oak is where I find joy. 

AbundancePlants wild-or-cultivated, are where I go to play or heal – and I’m happiest when mingling with them. I was a high school Ag nerd and went on to be a college horticulturist and crop science graduate and landed a job as a botanical research biologist for the University of California Stanislaus- working to protect endangered CA native plant species, specifically: Beavertail cactus - (Opuntia basilaris) and Kern mallow - (Eremalche kernensis). I’ve been a practicing herbalist for over twenty years (self taught and mentored) completing my initial herbal certification under Michael and Lesley Tierra at the East West School of Herbology.

Currently I’m working towards my Horticulture Therapy B.S. at CSU with an emphasis in medicinal plants and striving towards the completion of my first book. I'm also a certified California Master Gardener, Junior Master Gardener teacher, Director of the Morgan Botanicals School of Creative Herbalism, obsessed plant photographer, avid forager and wild foodie. Three years ago I relocated to Colorado and have had the pleasure to study with local greats such as Paul Bergner of the North American Institute of Medical Herbalism and Farida Sharan and Brigitte Mars at the School of Natural Medicine in Boulder, CO. I've also studied Herbal Energetics from Kiva Rose, Sacred Plant Wisdom from Darcey Blue, and Shamanic Herbalism with Julie Charette Nunn. Recently I’ve been recommended for a stipend and position of Lead School Garden Coordinator for the Truscott Elementary School in Loveland, CO. I work with the school staff, students, parents and the community teaching the fundamentals of community gardening, medicinal plant education and horticultural therapy for health and well-being. I’m also working towards an outdoor garden therapy program for the community to help foster emotional and physical health through the cultivation and processing of medicinal plants.


I offer a year around Herbal CSA, medicine making workshops, an online eCourse and eBooks, a six month herbal apprenticeship program, children's classes, plant walks and talks, theraputic garden design and garden and crop advice. I am available for garden consultation, specializing in both design and plant selection ideas and maintenance tips for pesticide free Food and Medicine Gardens- including private, front yard, or community based. I enjoy working side-by-side with clients and teaching about food and medicine concepts and permaculture theory, as well as helping perform some of the tasks such as layout and design, soil advise, companion planting techniques, and hands-on planting.

Look for my regular published herbal writings in The Essential Herbal Magazine, Edible Front Range Magazine, Natural Herbal Living Magazine, on Herb Geek Round Up, the Morgan Botanicals monthly newsletter, on the School-Free Resourses tab and in my monthly Herbal CSA Newsletter. I'm always looking to share a little herb know how!

Hugs to all,

~Jessica Morgan