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I am so grateful to have a lifetime to explore gardening and herbalism because I'm in love with it! The science, tradition, knowledge, celebration, folk healing, rituals, energetics, balance and respect... all of it. Plant work – whether growing food and medicine plants, providing horticultural therapy or teaching about herbs is deeply fulfilling and rich in limitless ways. I love what I do, and sharing what I've learned is what I enjoy best.

You know, plants have always been our allies, our protectors, our food and our medicines for as long as there's been life on earth. And if you've ever brewed up a simple cup of tea, you've practiced the beauty and joy of herbalism. And it's my wish that if plant work calls to you, that you listen and learn. Keep going, keep practicing, keep exploring, and someday your simple cup of tea will become what has brought health and heart to your whole life.

Morgan Botanicals is the work and journey of me – Jessica Morgan, certified Herbalist and Horticultural Therapist. I warmly welcome you to learn more about the amazing value of plants: Take a class, schedule a herbal wellness consultation, pick up fresh plants or medicinal seeds, or enjoy freshly handcrafted herbal products and seasonal Herbal CSA boxes where everything is lovingly prepared with the intention to nurture and comfort. I look forward to seeing you soon! 

Nothin’ Fancy, But Totally Badass!

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Garden ConsulationGarden Consultation

Need help getting your garden started? I am available for garden consultations, specializing in both design and plant selection ideas and maintenance tips for pesticide free Food and Medicine Gardens.



Are you interested in learning about herbalism? Or maybe you want to learn how to make herbal medicines and natural body care products in your own home. Come learn with Jessica Morgan, Herbalist and Horticultural Therapist.

Herbal CSA


Jessica Morgan currently offers private herbal wellness consultations in her office, specializing in counseling and herbal wellness education for Emotional Health, Stress Reduction, Anxiety, Depression, Digestive Issues and Candida, Lymphatic Health and Women's Whole Body Wellness.